Can you freeze milk?

Milk has a wide range of applications. It can be consumed or used as a component in cooking, baking, and smoothies. Yes! Milk can be frozen for about 3-6 months in its original container as long as it is made of plastic. It applies to different types of milk like plant-based milk and dairy milk … Read more

How to keep cats off counters and tables

If you are privileged to own a cat, you may have noticed a specific cat climbing on the kitchen counters. At times, you may see this habit as usual, but it’s a bad habit in the real sense.  Cats express their instinct through climbing. Cats may sometimes climb, especially when stressed, to look for higher … Read more

Best Pressure Cooker for your Home Kitchen

Pressure and steam cooking is a method of cooking that makes your recipe retain its natural taste and flavor. The high pressure induced by the pressure cooker helps destroy the bacteria and micro-organisms thereby retaining the vitamins and minerals from your vegetables. The introduction of pressure cooker has been able to reduce cooking time by 70%, in … Read more

Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Shopping for best toaster oven could be a bit confusing because of the various brands, types and sizes available in retail stores. With cool kitchen gadgets, we dedicate our time to make searching for the right toaster oven a breeze. We make the reviews quite precise and straight forward so you won’t be lost and confuse … Read more

Best Cookware Set Reviews

Having tough time selecting the best cookware set for your meal? With the ever increasing number of cookware brands daily, picking the best set of cookware has really been a challenge. And also increase in different types of pans such as stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, aluminum and copper has made picking a desired set … Read more

How to Choose the Best Food Processor

For busy family, food processor is one of the most used appliance which save time and get things ready ASAP. Making your best smoothie and lot of other juicing go very fast with your food processing machine. This appliance have been a time server in many homes as it could do the work of grating, chopping, shredding … Read more